PdfBooklet 2.2

It is a Python script designed to create booklets from existing pdf files
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Professionals often need to create booklets, which are generally used to show information, and save papers. Creating booklets'is basically what PdfBooklet is used for.
The keyword of this program is 'versatility', as it allows you to customize the output as much as possible. This, however, means that the program is not easy to configure at all. For that little downside, you get a wide range of features to change. You can cusotmize what kind of booklet you want to create, whether you want to make 2 pages of your PDF fit in one page of the booklet or whether you want a blank page at the beginning or the end of the produced booklet. You can also scale your pages with the options "Horizontal shift" and" Vertical shift" under the Output page informations group in the tab "Global transformations". By default, the program automatically opens the produced PDF file, but if you only want to save it, check the group "Output" under the tab "Options", you can uncheck the box corresponding to "Show pdf".
When you're ready to produce your booklet, click on Go, and after a few seconds your booklet will be ready.
Bottom-line: A very nice program to create booklets. Interesting if you want to control every detail.However, it is unfortunately not easy to use: if you're looking for an easy to use solution, then you should check other programs.

John Static
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  • Wide feature range
  • Preview before producing
  • Free and open source


  • Not easy to use
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